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Air blade drying oven:
Side and upper panels consisting of six modular elements sized 1500 mm

Inlet fan, with filtering efficiency G4, with intake from outside and recycle
Exchanger with automatic temperature control
Exhaust fan with the adjustable flow rate
High-speed flow rate ventilation
Fitted for infrared lamps
Total length 9000 mm
Heating medium: hot water
Electrical equipment
Connection to the electrical board

VM – Inlet and recirculation fan: flow rate 11000 mc/h
Exhaust fan
Installed electrical power 12,5 kW
Installed thermal power 135000 Kcal/h
Air mixed up with solvents exhaust outside 5000 mc/h

SVC 2 – Manual adjustment of air velocity inside the oven by means of 2 inverters and 1 electric servo-control. Visualization on the control panel through static air-speed indicator
Control adjustment
9 infrared lamps IRM
Installed electric power for each lamp 3.5 kW
Power adjustment for 3 lamps (only IRM)
Independent Control Board

TT 10000 Bar conveyor
Steel guides and chromium plate bar diameter 25 mm
Forwarding motion by means of gear motor inverter controlled
Speed min: 2,1 mt/min
Speed max: 14 mt/min
Installed electrical power 0,75 kW
Bars pitch 57 mm
Electrical equipment
Control from the line switchboard

Basic Facts

Product ID: 9328 Brand: CEFLA Model: AQUADRY LA/6 TT10000 Year built: 2010
Type: Status: Availability: IMMEDIATE