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Printing machine type VIRTU RS25/48 COMBI 6 COLORS + WHITE

The VIRTU RS25/48 Combi is a large format industrial printer, which can be used as a flatbed and as a roll to roll. It can be used on various non-stretchable materials such as:
and so on.

The VIRTU RS25/48 Combi is equipped with 48 print heads and can print with 6 colors + white, CMYK Icim SS and with a print resolution of up to 1200 dpi bidirectional or unidirectional.

The VIRTU RS25/48 Combi has a multi-chamber suction plate, with rapid switching on and off of the individual vacuum zones with different vacuum levels.

The control works with WINDOWS system and is easy to use for the operator as it works with symbols.

The drive system with linear motors requires minimal maintenance and is largely wear-free.

Technical specifications:
Inkjet technology
48 printheads (128 lines/head)
Bi or unidirectional
Printing width: 2500mm
Length: infinite
Height: 95mm

Piano and Roll to Roll

Media Types:
Rigid or laminated substrates: films, tarpaulins, Dibond, plastic, glass, wood, metal, etc

Stand Dimensions:
Rollers internal Ø 76mm and/or 150mm, external Ø up to 450mm
Maximum roll weight: 500kg
Panel weight: up to 50 kg/m2
6 colors + white CMYK Iclm SS

UV pigment ink
Manufacturer: Sun Chemical

The software supports the following:
Image formats
Formats: graphic files pdf, jpg, tiff, eps, ps
Operating system: Windows

Production capacity:
up to 260 m2/h with 80 pl (299×300 dpi)
up to 120 m2/h (423×500 dpi)

Installed electrical power: 16kvA

Dimensions: 5,300 x 3,300 x 2,000 mm

Weight: 5,800kg

Basic Facts

Product ID: 9461 Model: VIRTU RS25/48 COMBI Year built: 2011 Type:
Status: Availability: IMMEDIATA